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conversation, technology

An amazing car ride cannot be forgotten.

by Matt Spelchak

Winnipeg — Life, relationships, the meaning of home. These are weighty topics not often discussed sombrely and in earnest. Certain backdrops lend themselves better to these topics than others – our backdrop is T...

conversation, friends?, Work-Life Balance

Purely Business

by Hanna-Lee Harjono

Union — I just wanted to type something out and I don’t want to get stuck in the Skype world for another hour, so I decided get stuck here for another hour. I’ve only had one sketch so far, but that’s because...

conversation, Questions, communication

I've Figured Out The Secret To Asking Questions

by Samuel Rafuse

Saskatoon — Well, maybe not the “secret” exactly, but I’ve gotten way better at holding a conversation than I used to be. I’ve always been introverted, I think, although I have a very strange manic energy when I’...

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