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City Life, nature, Cherry Blossoms

Under a canopy of Sakura — we capture — we reflect.

by Ryan Ruel

Tokyo — Likely a reflection of my advancing age, but never have I been so aware of the passage of time than I have during my life here in Japan. The melting pot of seasonal American traditions get diluted between its coastlines and the temperamental weather, especially in the midwest, leads no season delineated. In Japan, seasons can change overnight. That change is celebrated and welcomed with a myriad ...

Travel, photography, nature

At the edge and the top of the world.

by Dan Rubin

Clare — There’s something special about places where land meets the sea — I suppose the same must be true about that place right on the edge of Earth’s atmosphere, though until Richard Branson invites me on a...

silence, nature, Solo Travel

True Silence

by Daniel Steinbock

Khumjung — On the edge of Ngozumpa, the longest glacier in the Himalayas. It was here I heard true silence for the first time. No people, no machines in valley nor sky; only the eagles soundlessly soaring above....

Japanese, nature

The neighbors keep to themselves.

by Ryan Ruel

Hakone — There is nothing surprising about a Japanese ryokan visit in Hakone. That is, beyond your first adventure — there is nothing surprising, and the experience is seemingly engineered to this purpose. An...

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