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To: The Housekeeper who did turn down service in room 802 Friday evening, From: The girl in room 802

by elle luna

Chicago — The night before I was supposed to deliver a keynote presentation to 500 creatives in Chicago, I stood in front of the mirror to practice my talk. I talked about IDEO, about Uber, about Mailbox. And it felt all wrong. Who was I to tell those stories if I no longer worked there? I was unemployed, lost in life, and burning through my savings account. I felt like a fraud. And in the morning, everyone...

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More time is better than more money.

by Kevin Kelly

Ronda — I’ve traveled extensively for 40 years. In almost every style there is. Been pampered in first class: I remember a time in Bangkok where they put me up in the Grand Orient Hotel on the river and I was...

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Full stack writing (and publishing): Welcome to Hi

by Craig Mod

Tokyo — We’d like to welcome you to Hi: A community of writers, journalists, journalers, illustrators, photographers, travelers, poets, and musicians exploring the world, and sharing those explorations throug...

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Working draft.

by Christine Herrin

San francisco — Note: Wrote this today as a sort of freewrite for Working Draft, a little club started by a friend from 826 Valencia. We invaded the tutoring center late at night and everyone got to work. Originall...

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