Community Guidelines

There is no "correct" way to use Hi.

You can use it like a scientist, a travel writer, a foodie, or a journalist. But to make sure everybody has a good time, please keep these simple rules in mind.

  • Play nice.
  • Say "Thanks" often.
  • Only sketch moments you'd share with Mom. (Appropriate, please!)
  • Keep it personal, no advertising in disguise.
  • Above all, be adventurous.

And, of course, we reserve the right to kick you out for being a jerk. So don’t be a jerk, ok? (Jerks are like porn, you know ‘em when you see ‘em.)

If you have any questions, concerns, see anything out of the ordinary, feel free to drop us a line at:

Our formal Privacy Policy and Terms of Use documents can be found at their respective links.


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Hitotoki Classic (2007-2009)
  • The name Hi comes from the word Hitotoki, which was the name of the online publication from which this product draws inspiration. Hitotoki is a Japanese noun comprised of two components: hito or “one” and toki or “time,” and is often translated as “a moment.” In common usage, it can be used to describe any brief, singular stretch of time (if we share a meal someday, you can call that a hitotoki).

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