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  • How do I style my stories (extensions) on Hi?
  • Hi uses markdown for styling and supports a number of styles and media types. It's a bit geeky but pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Here's the basics:
    • Italics: *surround your text with single asterisks*
    • Bold: **use two asterisks**
    • Links: [surround the text you want to link with square brackets and put the link after in round brackets](http://anamazinglink.com)
    • Headers: Put ### pound signs at the start of a line to create a header in your story
    • Blockquotes: Start a paragraph with a right carrot > to mark the paragraph as a blockquote
    • Images: ![image description](http://linktoimage.com/image.jpg) — you must include the [link description] for the image to display
    • Footnotes: [^1] for where you want a footnote link to live in the story, and then "[^1]: followed by the footnote,"" at the bottom of the story (don't forget the : on the footnote reference at the bottom of a story)
    • Lists: Just start each new line with a asterisk * and Hi will turn them into a list. Start the new lines with numbers for ordered lists.
  • How do I use topics?
  • We recommend the following Tips for Topics:
    • Make your first topic your main topic
    • Don't use a place name as a topic (we already have your city!)
    • Creativity is good
    • But if you see another topic that is almost the same as a new one you want to make, use the existing one
  • Do you have an iPhone/Android app?
  • Not yet. But if you are using an iPhone, we highly recommend saving Hi’s sketch page to your home screen for easy sketching. Here’s how:
    1. Go to the sketch page using Safari for iPhone.
    2. Tap the icon at the bottom.
    3. Tap the “Add to Home Screen” icon.
  • On my iPhone, Safari says it can't find my location?
  • Make sure location services is turned on. Here’s how:
    1. Open the Settings app.
    2. Go to Privacy, then Location Services.
    3. Make sure Location Services is set to ON.
    4. Scroll down to Safari, and make sure it is set to ON as well.
  • The moment I register an account on my phone it says it can't find location
  • See answer above.
  • Can I change the title of my moment, the location, or the photo after posting?
  • Yep! Just hit edit next to what you want to change on the moment page.
  • Do I have to use Facebook to signup?
  • No, but signing up with Facebook makes it easier to share moments on Facebook. Don't worry, we only have access to your basic information (like email address) and won't spam your timeline.
  • Can I delete my account?
  • Yep — it's on your profile page under "Edit Profile" (or just click your profile image to edit your profile).
  • Can I export my moments?
  • Soon!

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Hitotoki Classic (2007-2009)
  • The name Hi comes from the word Hitotoki, which was the name of the online publication from which this product draws inspiration. Hitotoki is a Japanese noun comprised of two components: hito or “one” and toki or “time,” and is often translated as “a moment.” In common usage, it can be used to describe any brief, singular stretch of time (if we share a meal someday, you can call that a hitotoki).

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