4 Curious Facts About Japanese Cherry Tree You Probably Don’t Know

April 27th, 2016, 10am

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Cherry blossom, Japanese Cherry Tree or Sakura is a symbol of hope and renewal. This tree marks the arrival of spring each year and you can see it in it’s full beauty from late March to early May. Japan is the country of more than 200 varieties of cherry blossoms. One of the most popular sort is Somei Youshino - it flowers just for a week and it is a reminder that our lives are transient. Japanese people make hot drink from the blossoms which is served on special occasions and they make the leaves pickled. This is just the beginning of the list with interesting facts about the Japanese national flower symbol.

Why Sakura is the symbol of Japan?

The flowering cherry trees come into full bloom at the beginning of April. This is the month when the school year starts for the kids. April is also a month when many companies start their new business year and many students who are just graduated begin to work. The cherry trees represent the new beginning. When they bloom, people visit the parks and gardens full with them and have picnics with family and friends. This is called “hanami” or in English “flower viewing”.

Cherry trees don’t bloom and don’t live long

The blooming season lasts about a month but an individual tree may only be in bloom just for one or two weeks. That depends on the weather. Unfortunately like their blossoms the trees can’t live more than 40 years. Of course every rule has its exception. The oldest Cherry Blossom tree in the World is called Jindai Sakura and is located in Jisso Ji Temple in Yamataka. This tree is about 2000 years old and there is a myth that it was planted by the 12th emperor of Japan. Now, the tree has girth of 12 meters and height about 11 meters.

They are gentle and suffer from many diseases

As part of the rose family (Rosaceae), Cherry blossoms suffer from the same problems like the rose bushes. Often, their diseases include leaf curl and spots, fire blight and root rot. Keep them safe from borers, scales, leafhoppers and aphids.

Japanese Cherry Tree is more than a flower symbol

Beyond the symbolism of the new beginning, the cherry blossom is recognized as an emblem of the short-lived beauty, fragility, purity and grace. The tree is engraved into the 100 yeni coin - this act symbolizes the deep connection between that tree and the Japanese culture. You can also find Sakura in the badges of rank and the flags of the Japan Military Self-Defence forces. No doubt the Cherry blossom is seriously bound with the culture, traditions and history of Japan.

It is not impossible to have a little piece from that country located far, far away from us in your yard. But planting Sakura is the easiest part. This tree needs severe maintenance and regular care especially in its first years. When you want to grow a healthy and beautiful plant, no matter tree, bush or flower, I recommend you to hire capable garden services to save you from the worries and the long wondering where to place them and when during the year to plant them. Several visits of experts may bring you more happiness and tranquility to enjoy your garden look, than you are expected.

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