Beach huts aren't what they used to be!

August 22nd, 2014, 4pm

When I was a kid we used to go on holiday to the south coast of England every year, and the beach huts I remember from that time were all pretty dull and scruffy affairs. We hired one once, for a week, and the weather was great, so the drab and shabby state did nothing to take away from the delight of having a little hut we could keep stuff in and get changed in without having to do that ‘hide behind a towel’ dance that you see so many do on the beach every summer!

But beach huts seem to me to have gone up in the word rather, and are perhaps getting ideas above their station.

These ones are just some of the huts that line the East Promenade at Sheringham, another popular town on the North Norfolk coast, just a few miles west of Cromer. Brightly coloured and evidently freshly constructed, they are a very positive addition to the sea front. Very trendy, in fact.

So much so, that beach huts around the UK coastline now sell for silly money. I’ve seen several on sale for around the £35,000 mark, but the most expensive are apparently now going for around £250,000. Excuse me??!

Daniel, Christine, David Wade and Maria said thanks.

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