The Infamous Accra Trotro Cinema

March 26th, 2014, 5pm

I seem to blab a lot about Accra’s Trotro and all that goes on in it. But this is because you can’t find that sort of experience anywhere else. I lie ? Check out trotrodiaries

Accra’s trotro provides a wide variety of experience. People are not always happy with the radio with bad speakers, that are of great nuisance, or the sales person or the preacher man that may continuously spit on your face or hair through out your journey. No. People hate this sort of experience.

But the trotro cinema is really different experience, a happy one for most people. People don’t want to even get off the bus when the board a trotro cinema. The drivers somehow select some of the best local Ghanaian movies : movies that give you a hard laugh after a long day’s work, movies that continue to give you a glimpse into the minds of most Ghanaians. Even though education continues to spread , a lot of people are still superstitious . And if you have a good taste for movies, I am sure you might not appreciate what is showcased. But this is truly Ghana.

So, even though, a lot of things might not be good - the trotro experience is one that you learn to love - and eventually appreciate. … Because it is truly Ghanaian.

Shu, Adrian, Christine and Molly said thanks.

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Samuel Alomenu

I write. I sketch. I mull over things and I think about alternatives. @sammidelali

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