Runaway Spot.

June 27th, 2014, 12pm

I am a solitary creature. I like my space, I don’t like people invading that space, but I don’t mind sharing that space when I become close with someone. But when something happens to throw me into an emotional roller-coaster, I don’t like people very much. So, I take a drive. I take very long drives if need be. I had an explosive temper when I was younger, but I learned over time ways to exercise my anger. But it changes with every year, because doing the same thing over and over gets tedious, so it comes time to find new creative ways to relax and stay balanced and keep moving forward.

But over the years, one thing is still constant. I go to the beach. I like to runaway for hours and drive along the coast, finding another small beach to hide, often until sundown. I’ll sit, and think, and sort out what I can of the emotional clusterfuck I can be when I’m angry.

This is perhaps too philosophical for my own tastes, but I think a lot of things are pretty much insignificant before the ocean.

Christine said thanks.

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