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May 12th, 2016, 10pm

It was 19°C with scattered clouds. The wind was calm.

Hello, people of future and perhaps past (also present). I am writing this as a message to the future and whoever sees this for whatever reason. I see it as my civic duty to be messenger of past problems from a earlier time. It is 12/5/2016 in the common era at 10:59:56 to be more precise. I say this is a key time in North America [ A former/present continent on earth]. I say there is less bad in the world than there seems. It appears that way because the medias are blowing it out of control. The major overall problems appear to be (but aren’t limited to, and in order of importance) :

  1. Global Warming
  2. Global Economic Collapse
  3. Peak Petroleum Consumption
  4. Global Overpopulation
  5. Global Potable Water Shortage
  6. Malnutrition
  7. Global Nuclear Proliferation
  8. Global Wars
  9. Global Terrorism
  10. Global Species Extinctions.

Solve all ten problems and you shall have made humanity and other species back to the prepotentional disaster stage. Good Luck!

Craig, Christine and Paul said thanks.

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