friendship tastes like sweet and salty caramel.

January 4th, 2016, 10pm

It was -3.3°C with few clouds. The breeze was brisk.

The other day, my best friend came out as bisexual, she had been very afraid of telling her loved ones and it had been a big step for her as a person. I had known before hand and she had asked me to be there with her when she came out to her parents. It had been a sad, nerve racking experience and I would like all of you out there to pray to her and others going through the same thing. Here is what happened; I squeezed her hand as we walked up the front steps to her parents house, she was sweating as if it was one hundred degrees outside, which of course it wasn’t. She lifted her shaky finger towards the brass door knob, plastering on her best fake smile. “You can do It,” I whispered in her tiny elfish ear. She winced as her mom opened the door and smiled with surprise, “Darling! what brings you and Cody here this evening,” her mom gestured for us to enter the house. “Um…” she looked at me, then at her mom, “we have something to tell you and dad,” Her mom looked slightly worried as she lead us to the living room where her dad was sitting on the polyester sofa. “Have a seat honey,” her mom said, clicking off the TV and giving us her full attention. “Oh, hi honey, what are you doing here?” he dad asked, “They have some news apparently,” her mother said, looking from her to me, “Well alright, what is?” her dad asked, looking concerned. “Well,” she started, nervously, “for a while now, I have felt a little different then other people,” she picked at her dark blue jeans, “I… I thought that you should know something about me, about who I am,” she paused to look at me, I gave her an encouraging look, “I identify as bisexual, meaning I date both men and woman. It’s just who I am and I thought you should know,” she waited for a response from her parents, whom looked shocked, “Sweetheart,” her mom said, “Are you sure? Maybe this is just a phase or something,” her mom looked upset, “No mom, this is who I am,” “But honey it can’t be,” “yes it can be mom,” “I can’t believe you, I thought I raised you right!” her mom was beginning to yell, “You raised me fine mom, I just,” “Oh in the name of the lord, I will not have a daughter interested in other women,” “But you do mom,” The fight escalated until both her mom and her dad were yelling at her, she started to cry. Slurs and foul language were used, phrases I do not want to repeat, my best friend in the whole wide world just sat there sobbing, Her parents screamed at her about god, about the way it’s supposed to be, about their disapproval until I grabbed her hand and lead her out the door. Her parents continued screaming as we got in the car and drove away. She was very upset when we got to her apartment, her mascara had dripped all down her face and her eyes sulked behind sad shadows, I hugged her for a good five minutes, made her tea and turned on her favorite show, she settled onto the couch, looking at the TV. I turned to leave and she said, “Wait, Cody,” I looked at her, “thank you so much for being with me today, you’re the best friend I could ever ask for, thank you.” I smiled at her and we shared this look, a look that tasted like sweet caramel, the warm melted happy look of friendship. One taste I will never forget. Please pray for all people such as my friend who is struggling with their identity and embrace all friendships.


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Cody Rendon

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