Just a simple Victorian shoot they said...

March 27th, 2014, 8am

It was 3°C with few clouds. The wind was light.

And there you are two hours in make-up having black paint slapped onto your skin to resemble an S&M mask.

“Do you like fish?”

“Yes. I love fish!”

“So you won’t mind posing with some then?”

“Dead or alive?”


Bewildered looks all round

“Oh go on then.”

It was a huge experiment all round. The photographers, who were I might add trusted friends of mine, had a set of creepy paintings that they had been inspired by. They admitted that on the morning of the shoot they were still unsure of what the shoot was going to be. They knew they wanted Victorian. They knew they wanted creepy. They just weren’t sure how they were going to create that without looking like a thousand other images that have been floating around. So the black face paint came in.

I think we were all a bit trepidatious to the overall result of the photos. It was new territory for all of us but after just twenty minutes shooting we all knew that the right decision had been made.

Sometimes working quickly and trying ideas as soon as they come into your head is the best thing to do. At least we all got a fish dinner out of it as well!

Adrian, Amal, Paul and Conor said thanks.

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Elisa Adams

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