The Tiffin Box in India and having Lunch at Home

March 30th, 2016, 11am

This week I did an Anchor Blast on how lunch at home is almost a luxury for every Indian. The main reason being distance between workplace and home is too far for many. For those who may ponder over getting home for lunch, reaching office and back by late evening in rush hour traffic is itself a big achievement that they will not attempt another one during the day.

But for me none of these apply. My office is located less than a couple of kilometers from my home and I can even go home for a cup of coffee – which obviously I don’t do. But I do go home for lunch and that has multiple objectives. I can pick up my kids from their school bus who are dropped almost at the apartment gate. I can warm up their lunch on a microwave and spend half an hour with them during lunch hour. And I can do myself a favour by having something light to eat so that I don’t end up eating some junk food by evening out of sheer foolish action.

Packing lunch box is itself an art in India. Full meals are stacked in four to five storied lunch box which itself weighs more than a kilogram and bulky to carry. It includes wheat flat bread or chapattis, a dry vegetable dish, salads, lentil and rice and even curd and buttermilk. The items can increase but unlikely to come down. Now these are regular items. Apart from this if there is any happy occasion at home, consider a couple of sweet items too. Since my wife is also working, I don’t have the luxury of having anyone packing these for me at home. So I go home every noon and eat my humble pie.

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Binu Alex

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