2012 was a changing year for me, a red letter year. An awakening that started with this song.

May 31st, 2012, 9am

Stop health care, force ultra sound love affairs

wall street devote, cause money buys more votes

red or blue, the only colors to choose

that’s my country

no support, for soldier back from the war

in the west, keep you ID in your vest

what to say, about proposition 8?

that’s my country

birth certificate for corporations

you can go to a bank to buy a gun

getting fat and die of malnutrition

congress sits on their hands to foil a president’s plans

five to four, limits choices for all

you are free, as long as you agree

Jesus Christ, is America’s price

the world is our stage the stage means the world for my country

anti-gay, first in line for some play

start a war, to buy one term more

wag the dog, inspired Iraq filmstock

that’s my country

twenty bucks, fornication fines suck

collection rain, is stealing fromstate claim

in DC, you can’t whistle while you pee

that’s my country

huge news if two celebrities kiss

rating go up with every diss

preparing for the zombie apocalypse

from one complaint we compromise

our history is full of lies

freedom of speech, only for the elite

got no clue? repeat until it’s true!

please all sheep, leave your name at the bleep!

the world is our stage

the stage means the world for my country

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Jacquelyn Paulin

I strive to be a thought farmer

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