Private Screening

September 4th, 2014, 7pm

Well that was definitely a first! I never had a private screening before. An ENTIRE movie theatre all to myself and no one else.

This A Most Wanted Man, however, not a good movie. And I was so looking forward to it. It didn’t seem to have any spine, so to speak. Everything about it lacked a backbone, including the acting. It’s a pity this was one of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s last films.

During the entire film I kept thinking that this film might have been better if it had German actors. I mean there are so many good German actors out there. Why do I need to see any Hoffman (whom I really like) or McAdams acting in English with a fake German accent (and a bad one for that matter)? But ok, the accent was obviously not the main problem, it’s just that I get frustrated when Americans try to imitate the English accent of foreigners. It’s as if they lack an ear for accents. Or maybe the director wanted them to underplay the German accent. Who knows. I was not impressed by the directing, however, either. So flat it bordered on boring. And I didn’t feel the actors acted their best. And the script was also un-exciting. I wonder if John le Carré’s novel is any better. This Grigoriy Dobrygin, however, was a real cutie. Where on earth did he come from?

Anyway, if only for the private screening experience, this was a good movie night. I bet I made you want to see this film immediately, no? I am sorry for that…

David Wade said thanks.

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