Why Moving Homes is a Blessing in Disguise

July 1st, 2007, 10am

Have you noticed how people are always so set in their ways. I was once exactly like this! I believed my house is my fortress and the thought of leaving my place, city or country made me cringe to the very core. But speaking from experience moving homes is not at all that bad! Even when we are talking about living in rented properties and simply moving around trying different cities and homes. It’s not that bad, really! A friend of mine told me once that she would rather give birth than move again and her reaction, as amusing as it was, made me feel quite odd. Why? Because at that point I lived in a series of rented properties and moved every year. She only moved once and made such a big deal out of it. Her removals company didn’t handle her move right, her clothes were scrambled in boxes, she spend the first night eating a Chinese take-away.

Well, for five years of moving I had lost so many items, downsized on all my possessions from clothes and shoes to childhood memories, toys video cassettes and stuff people usually keep in their garages. Most of these are pointless, but I didn’t have a garage to keep the stuff I wanted, even if I was never to use them. I just didn’t have that.

When I met my husband, I still used to live in a rented flat as I do now btw. He was desperate to get me out of there, even though the location was perfect (I only lived 7 minutes away from my work) and the flat was newly furnished. I finally felt like home, so when we married I persuaded him to move in with me. He did and it was then that I realised that home is where he is. I realised moving homes, cities and continents isn’t that bad. In fact, not only it helped our specie to survive, but it brought about the great diversity we now enjoy.

There is still a great deal of people who see moving as this horrific event that one should get over and done with as soon as possible, but after years I know see how I have grown and what I learned and all the advantages and great memories it brought. Yes, I don’t have most of my childhood toys and books with me and I’ve made friends with my Melbourne removalists, but I also learned important lessons and had unforgettable adventures and encounters with so many interesting people!

When you move, you are leaving behind bad memories and experiences.

It is much easier to remember the good things and bring them with you wherever you go, whether that be in the form of pictures, diaries, personal notes, or memories. It is harder to get rid of the bad experiences, the nasty memories, your pain and fears. Moving to a new place does the trick! It is a fresh new start for you and your family.

Moving homes, cities, states and even countries and continents broadens your horizon.

There is a famous saying by Harun Yahya that goes: “I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then I ask myself the same question.”

Moving homes helps you get rid of clutter you no longer need.

It means you will reorganize your belongings and your life in general. From the bad memories we mentioned, to items you don’t need to drag with yourself wherever you go. Remember, there are powerful emotions lurking amid items we keep. It is easy to fill our homes to the brim with stuff we don’t need, it’s harder to get rid of these. It is twice as hard to get rid of the emotions later. We only realise how utterly pointless these items are when we are moving homes. Getting rid of them will free space for items that matter. Plus, if you sell all these things you can earn a buck, so here is another benefit to this list.

Moving homes can get you far from unpleasant people and relationships. Talking about clutter, if you feel it is a high time to let go of abusive relationships with significant others, family members, neighbours or friends, geographical separation can help you de-clutter your personal life. Moving to a new home will help you find new friends and you will meet interesting people on every corner.

It doesn’t have to be permanent.

You don’t like it? Well, then you can move again! You are not a tree! You can try live in different places at different times until you find the place you can make your home base.

Image Credit: Commons Wikimedia

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Lana Jane Fox

Lana Jane Fox is young, married and living the dream in Melbourne. Her job is now primarily to be a good wife and a housekeeper. For this reason her interests vary from DIY, cleaning, cooking, home organization and improvement.

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