Make time for yourself

October 15th, 2013, 11am

It was 26.1°C. The wind was light.

Hello Amal Raghav. Thank you for requesting me to complete my thought. That is a very nice picture of a dosa on your profile and it makes me hungry. In my country it is lunch time, and instead of spending my time eating it seems I’m doing something else; writing to you. This is just one small detail of just how crazy schedules can be, especially as a father of 2 young boys and a husband. I remember when I was young I was always running around doing fun things and it seemed mostly my time. These days have changed and it seems many of us have little time with all the beeps and dings to respond to. The notifications have gotten so out of control and so the only way to be present in as many places and get back your freedom is to schedule special time when you can just be as you wish, doing the things you love doing. Coincidently, the times I enjoy most happen to be with my family, and even then I do need to have some time for me to do things such as meditate, yoga, and doing a little bit of nothing. Nothing is good and is cherished when you have so little of it.

I wish you all a little bit of peace …


Amal, Lia and Jo said thanks.

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