Shanghai had only 4 metro lines a decade ago. It now has 12 lines and still expanding rapidly.

December 2nd, 2013, 7am

It was 5°C with nil significant cloud.

The rapid modernization in China is either amazing or scary. Compare it to Paris where it can take decades to extend or create a new line. My friend lives in central Shanghai and his commute two years ago conveniently took him from the start of the line to the last station. That way he could nap away and just wake up at the last stop. Until one day he ended up much farther than he intended. They had expanded the line. Both ways. Overnight.

Had he perhaps taken the wrong line? Freshly plastered stickers showed the expanded line as if it were just a simple software upgrade.

Apparently projects in China have a latest due date, but are generally finished ahead of time. Are the Chinese that efficient, hard working, or just cutting corners? Maybe all of the above… and certainly not lacking in ambition.

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