"Julius, do you want to watch some TV with papa?" "Shhh, I am reading" ...

October 13th, 2013, 9pm

This might be a good chance to write about our weekends here.

There is not really that much to do … after 2 years, we have visited pretty much all out-of-town weekend spots and found them too be more hassle than exploration.

There is a movie theater that shows recent Hollywood movies, even in 3D, for cheap, but I usually catch a bunch of fleas from there, so we are not doing that anymore.

With the impending soccer match Ethiopia - Nigeria today, we received a security advisory to stay clear of the city center.

As for TV, we never felt like spending 100USD per month for DSTV. For a while our SAT dish picked up Nile-sat, which has 500 channels, mainly in Arabic or Hebrew. So ‘TV” actually comes from hard drive, which is nice since this kid hardly knows TV commercials.

But he was more interested in his book anyways …

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