Playing on Norwegian Granite

July 23rd, 2014, 5pm

It was 23°C with clouds and visibility OK. The breeze was gentle.

Summer in Norway is a playground for aficionados of the granite outdoors. The entirety of Odda felt like a couple inches of topsoil on mounds of granite. The water has nowhere to run and ends up pouring off the plateaus in beautiful waterfalls as silver strands.

Olav took us to his favorite project spots to climb with his favorite people. It felt fantastic to be back on the wall after 8 months away, in fact I’ve never felt more secure outdoors in my entire climbing career. Americans, Swiss, Norwegians, and a French Islander… everyone loves climbing!

When not on a rope the ambiance wasn’t bad either. Waterfall soundtracks > I90 soundtrack

When not on the wall we made our way to Troll Tunga (The troll’s tongue) to see a the local tourist attraction (a remarkable rock formation go figure).

The troll’s tongue

And a lottttt of tourists. It’s more crowded than Mount Si on a summer weekend. And these crazy people had no fear of the edge. They’d stand right on the precipitous edge of a cliff. I was waiting for one of them to fall off the whole time, terrified for their collective lives.

Oh my goodness so many people!

Christine and Paul said thanks.

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