Libyan white dress occasions 

August 9th, 2015, 4pm

The brief episode of my cousin’s white dress occasion was electric. Cars gliding across the street with their emergency lights on, and endless, endless beeping patterns, and songs being turned up till people from afar would look and know that a wedding was in action. Scarves tied around the waist; “welcome oh lovely bride” the lyrics sang and the drums hit; a bride smiling out of pure joy.

It was like I was flying in the car as a group of curious folks and I drove away to bring the bride from her party to the groom’s house.

Never have I felt my heart leap so suddenly and so loudly out of the rebel nature and unlimited adventure that I’ve always sought.

It was all new to me.

Take note:

Love is electric.

Craig said thanks.

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Hedaya Kelani

lover of arts. warrior. princess. poet. dreamer.

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