So Much Money, but Such Little Time

June 25th, 2010, 1pm

After spending the spring semester persevering through an 18 credit load and working a full-time job on the side, a college student decides to spend her free time and savings account traveling through the United States.

Concordia University undergraduate, Anissa Jurewicz, usually spends her free time studying for exams, cramming in last minute papers, or taking inventory for her job at a local coffee shop in Milwaukee.

“It is sometimes overwhelming to know that my ‘free time’ still encompasses something work or school related,” Jurewicz said.

Jurewicz decided to spend her spring break hiking through the Smoky Mountains and shortly after took a road trip to Utah to run her first half-marathon.

Although it is hard to find any leisure time in her schedule, the one thing Jurewicz is sure to find time for is traveling.

“Ever since I started college, I have been a full-time student and have always maintained a full-time job. I always had the money, but I never had the time,” Jurewicz said.

This summer, Jurewicz is planning her third road trip this year to Yellowstone National Park where she plans to camp for two weeks. Her boyfriend, Joshua, will be joining her on this adventure.

“My boyfriend despises how much I talk about work and school [laughs]. I finally came to realize that it is much more important to use my time wisely—even if that means blowing through my whole bank account at once,” Jurewicz said.

Jurewicz and her boyfriend plan to leave for their trip in the middle of May and return some time in June. With the traveling fever that she has acquired, Jurewicz is thrilled to see where the map will guide her next.

(This was a news article used for my journalism class)

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