The Duck Looks at the Panda and Goes...

May 15th, 2010, 9pm

The panda’s eyes diverge, as he gets crazier and crazier by the panda minute. He’s yelling a bunch, but it’s in panda-nese, so only other pandas can hear. The duck looks at the panda and goes, “Yo, panda! What is wrong with chu?!” He can’t believe how rude the panda is acting. “Oink,” says the pig with the squiggly tail. “When is lunch?” The red-nose reindeer just couldn’t take it anymore. He falls backwards and starts to flail, half out of panic and half for the fun of flailing. It’s hard to flail successfully while keeping your eyes open, but the red-nose reindeer really wants to see what the duck is going to say next. If the duck says quack to the panda, that will just make his day.

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June Howell

I love food, old people, and dogs that sit

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