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August 30th, 2016, 2pm

I feel like I’m in the middle of an anxiety attack that’s been going on for three days (and counting) now. A mild sense of panic, introvert exhaustion (because not only did I go to an all-women, two-day conference in LA, I also had to post an Instagram story about the event — with me talking on camera — and broadcast it on Adobe’s 80k-follower strong account, YIKES), an overall self-doubty feeling of you’re not doing enough, topped off with that wonderful feeling you get knowing your Big Project for Big Client is due today, and you’re 3/4ths in but all out of ideas.

Well, all that, plus a looming sense of sadness that Hi is closing. Oh Hi! I miss you already. If I end up sobbing at the end of today, this might be just what pushes me over the edge. (But no, don’t worry, I’m fine. Hahha. Besides, I have Big Client Deadline — ain’t nobody got time for tears!)

I was reading through Charlie’s great moment and I loved how she said that Hi is a practice in mindfulness. Because that’s what it’s been for me over the years — a wonderful mix of documenting the small, seemingly everyday things (because I’m all about that) fleshing it out even more (perfect for my overthinking, overanalyzing, overfeeling INFP brain), and finding like-minded folks who get it — who document and analyze and share and write things that sound small and seemingly insignificant to others but make complete sense to the rest of us.

Hi is that invitation to stop space and time to be in the moment. To take it all in. And what I love about this space is that it’s full of amazing people who say yes to that invitation, jump right in and stop to take it all in with you. (So thanks, folks — for being here, for all the me toos and this is greats and I’ve been theres.)

In a world full of likes, followers, press and PR and influencer crap, Hi was my favorite place to weed out all the fakeness and competition and information overload. To write down the little things that made me smile, like little aha moments that made sense to me but seemed too small to really share with anyone.

Oh Hi! I miss you already. Thanks for all the moments, and for always getting it.

P.S. Off to stalk everyone on Twitter or Instagram… ;) (Twitter works, but I’m usually on Instagram, but that’s a weird mix of my designy things for my shop + Residency. I have a blog but hardly use it… maybe I will use it more often…)

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Christine Herrin

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