Subtle Corruption

May 3rd, 2013, 6pm

Year ending is a word that is a boon to those who are in government exchequer or similar sections in any government department that deals in bills. Normally it is March 31st of every year. Government sanctions a budget for the entire year as expense for a Department. Let’s take the example of Income Tax Department. When this amount is received by the Pay Accounts Office, they are allocated to each region/department by the head of the department. In case of deficit additional grants are asked. Not necessary each pie in this budget should be spent. But historically not a single penny is send back. To spend the unutilized amount on the last day of March, the clerks and officers burn midnight oil in getting maximum fudged invoices from computer stationary to photocopying machines. But they don’t buy any of these. Instead the same suppliers who gave them the invoice for approved goods provide them anything that the officers require at their home or office. This includes their undergarments too. The so called CAG which audits these accounts never asks for inventories and even if they do, they are treated well to avoid being asked uncomfortable questions. This corruption goes unnoticed from public eye because common people are not directly affected. But corruption is still an evil, in whatever way it may be.

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Binu Alex

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