​Voodoo lady.

February 18th, 2014, 3pm

​ You look at her and you’ll probably see an old soon to be senile lady that just seems sorta…meh average. But I’m just like damn this is HONYs life.

She looked at me like she wanted to strangle me. I was supposed to pick up my paycheck Thursday but I was an ass and didn’t want to be late for my other job. She said we were supposed to have lunch at mcdonalds so she didn’t bring her own and waited for me. This is why I don’t deserve good things. Then she’s like you’re young and I don’t have time to teach you things but stay in school so you have a better job. Did you know I went to Columbia university? I have a degree for child education. But kids here are difficult. You know what the best ones are? Chinese…or Korean. They want to learn and are respectable. Americans? FUGGHETABOUTIT. spoiled.

Then she showed me pictures of when she was young and rocking an Afro with a bikini. Then there are a couple pictures with a man and they’re just looking at each other with this soft yet intense gaze, “that’s my man. The love of my life.” I asked her if he was her husband and she’s like no no no different things. I just wondered why she carried these photos around and asked her if she regretted anything. And she’s like no no then knocked on wood.

So I showed her pics of when I was younger and she’s like awww you were so cute. And I’m like I’m still cute now. And she’s like yeah ok I guess if you think so.

Voodoo lady is me in a world where good things happened to me. Like having an Afro. 🔮

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Rosana Ng

Maybe I'm mental.

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