La Perriere Art Fair, Normandy, May 20th. Too much fanfare for a lonesome doublebass.

May 26th, 2013, 9pm

It was 15°C with clouds and visibility OK. The breeze was gentle.

La Perriere is closed to cars and their likes. On Whitsun weekend, villagers open their homes and sheds to host artist and their works. The brass band plays a medley of marching tunes, music for the eyes of two dozens or so gawkers, country folks familiar with wind, rain and hailstones. Left alone in a corner, a doubble bass waits for the heavens to open up again, wash off the din, clear the streets for what is left of the arty crowd visiting from Paris.

Cassie, Amal and Chris said thanks.

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Tom Frozart

PhD in Information science, coaching engineers in hi flying industries worldwide. Former head of scientific team in Antarctica. Author of short stories, Skive Magazine (Sydney)

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