Weather May Not be Nice, but the Company is.

August 25th, 2013, 3pm

It was °C with broken clouds. The breeze was gentle.

Oh, the beach. I love the beach. The beach is a place where one can contemplate life in one’s own fashion, be it relaxing on the shore or partying and playing Volley Ball. This particular day at Sauble Beach, Ontario isn’t very great. The skies are grey but no rain, save for a few drops, fell down. My parents say that they planned this trip so the weather would be nice but instead, we arrive when the grim clouds covered the sky, and (of course) we’re gonna leave when the sun finally comes out.

Though funnily ironic, still quite bad timing.

Just our luck.

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Griffin Brady-Eckel

I'm just a normal kid. Nothing more need be said.

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