Sitting in bed with a bottle of chai and a purring cat, reading Keith Houston's "Shady Characters" and then ... INTERROBANG!

February 26th, 2014, 9pm

It was 0°C. The wind was calm.

To make a bad type joke: “Interrobang” is the new single from my imaginary band, The Space Band. We’ve kitted out a Mellotron to make Linotype sounds, the drummer is using pica poles for sticks and our lead singer only wears pure CMYK.

No, seriously, the interrobang is indeed a legitimate (though neglected) punctuation mark, conceived by a frustrated American typophile in 1962 but under-adopted in the wake of not having enough room in a type magazine for one more slug. Read more in Houston’s “Shady Characters.” You’ll dig.

Sanna, Chris and David Wade said thanks.

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Jessica Schilling

Designer, editor, writer, usablist, tanguera. Not a guru. KD0VXE.

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