We're so excited to launch Toured, a marketplace for people to list, discover and book adventures from around the world.

April 5th, 2016, 1am

Growing up in a ski resort, I was always intrigued by how people discovered our small mountain community. So in 2007, I planned his own visit. While finding a flight and hotel was easy, on the surface there seemed like almost nothing to do.

Turning to other destinations, I discovered this wasn’t an anomaly, rather the result of a larger problem. As an entrepreneur trying to understand the impact of how disconnected information affected tour operators, I joined a local rafting company to manage their summer operations. That 4 month experiment became the foundation in my mission to make adventure activities more accessible.

Together with two of the most amazing people I know, we built Toured. Brie and Ashley are seasoned travelers of 36+ countries and are wildly passionate about enriching the travel experience. As a group, we have a passion for bringing joy into peoples lives.

This mutual interest in travel makes it the perfect medium to accomplish that goal.

Visit us at www.toured.com to join our beta, we would love to help plan your next adventure.

Mubanga and fola said thanks.

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