Life got super simple. Only if it could last, just like this, forever.

June 7th, 2014, 6am

A 20 day trek in Nepal. A single pack containing next to nothing. I parred the pack down to the bare essentials. If it is not essential for my survival then it didn’t make the cut - yes, the little green rabbit is essential - you always need a friend and you should never sleep alone!

I wish I packed another sports bra. There is too much moisture at night to dry anything out completely. Oh well, I won’t notice the dampness for too long, today’s sweat, yesterday’s sweat, makes no difference.

Life got simple. Sleep. Walk. Sleep Walk. There isn’t anything else. Present. Focused. Clear. Certain. I want this moment to last forever.

Is it possible to live with the same kind of presence, focus, clarity and certainty when we re-enter the world we left behind? Internet, Facebook, emails and everything else that is part of our modern connected entrepreneur life?

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Charlie Grosso

Photographer - Writer. Adventure Traveller. Brand Consultant. Art Gallery Director. Possible Spy. Always on the road, living under an alias. Seeking co-conspirators.

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