Blurry, happy memories by the ocean, on the edge

December 21st, 2013, 6pm

Several things:

“I don’t know what love is,” My friend told me the other day. “I only know that I don’t love him anymore.” “Your husband?” I asked, “Or your lover?” She shrugged, looking quite indifferent.

I’m scrambling to learn Spanish before I leave after two years of luxuriating in my laziness. So: corriente means current (both for the sea and for electricity). It can also be used for “ordinary” or “run of the mill” as in “un chico corriente”.

Chipirones are things I like eating. Barriga means belly. So: Me duele la barriga porque he comido demasiado chipirones en La Paradeta pero vale la pena.

A few other things: I watched the sun set while sitting on some rocks at the end of a pier and then I drove home in a trance listening to Kings of Convenience. They sing slowly, precisely, beautifully. The road was by the sea and unlit, winding around the mountains in darkness.

When I got home I washed the blood out of my sweater.

Craig, Isabelle and Philip said thanks.

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Dani Z

The hardest thing about getting older is realizing that I might, in fact, be a minor character in someone else's story. (I keep changing this bio. I'm not sure I'll ever nail it)

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