I can't imagine what amazing things this kid is going to do.

October 21st, 2015, 3pm

Sadly for you, you’ve never met this kid’s family. You would not believe how amazing all of them are. All of the siblings are similar in one way or another but different enough to make them all special for who they are. I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world to know them and get to spend time with each of them.

But it’s different between Caleb and I. All of his siblings are older and I’ve only known them for four years, so even though I’ve become a part in their life, I haven’t been there since the beginning.

I still remember visiting the house to see Caleb only a few weeks old. I held him in my arms, close to tears because I knew at that moment how incredible this kid really was. Since then, I’ve got to watch him grow up into the cutest toddler you’ll ever meet. The way he says his siblings’ names is the cutest thing in the world.

I was the first person to get Caleb to say his name, at least that’s what his mom told me. And I get to hear him say my name, and stories about him saying my name when I’m not around.

I love this kid with all my heart.

He’s 20 years younger than his oldest sibling, 8(?) years younger than his closest older sibling, and a year older than the youngest.

Younger siblings adopt the personality traits of their older siblings but then make it so they’re even better at it. For example, the oldest, Josh, is great at writing music but has told me multiple times that Matthew (his younger brother) can write and create better than he can.

So if Caleb does this with all his older siblings, he’s going to be some sort of super-human.

Josh, a talented musician and worship leader, plus possibly the most interesting person I’ve met and one of the most fun to talk to. A fun, decently patient, great teacher. Honestly, he’s been one of my biggest mentors and I love his love for MBTI.

Kristin, probably the kindest and sweetest person ever with an extraordinary love for Disney, especially princesses. She has a special love for her siblings that can be matched by no other.

Jared, tied for the most interesting person with Josh, extremely intellectual and he gives pretty wonderful advice. The way he studies and interprets people is spot on and amazing.

Victoria, nothing really… I’m just kidding! Victoria is possibly my most favorite person in the world. Her laugh is hilarious and her sarcasm is wonderful. I don’t really know how to describe her, but she’s someone you want to spend all your time with. My favorite quote from her, “Goose are scary. They have teeth.”

Matthew, an incredibly talented musician and song writer, the type of person who only opens up when you’re really close but when he does, you could listen to what he says forever. Amazing at lots of things, he’s a great person plus he can fix just about anything. He puts up a sarcastic front but he’s got a soft heart.

Noah, I already see some of his older siblings’ personalities in him. He’s got an extremely soft heart that I’m sure he’ll learn how to use it in the appropriate times as he gets older, and teach the same to Caleb. Plus, just like the rest of his siblings, Noah’s laugh is great.

Eli, an extremely dramatic person who’s learned to put his talents into plays, plus he’s pretty athletic. He’s also into learning how to play songs and writing his own, even if he still needs a little practice. This kid is a prime example of mixing his older siblings into himself but embracing the parts that really make him, him.

Just imagine a mix between these incredible people, but sharpened into something even more unbelievable. Caleb has some of the best siblings to learn from and I am so excited to see what he can do with that knowledge.

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Annalyn Valantine

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