Never thought a marathon was inspiring before.

November 3rd, 2013, 11pm

It was 2.8°C. The wind was calm.

Today NYC stopped doing what it normally does.

(Sunday 10 am.) We were waiting to cheer our friends running the NYC Marathon. 5 bouroughs: 42.195 km or 26.219 mi and over 45K runners. To me this was unthinkable. I mean I have a hard time running 3 blocks after the bus when I’m super late. Yes, most of the time I run with a 25 pound baby on my arms, but still! How can someone run for a full day??

We got there early. We were situated near the Pulaski bridge which is considered “half way” to the finish line. I didn’t know what to expect. The first people who showed up running, or pedalling with their arms on special bikes for people who can’t use their legs. Watching them give it their heart and sweat going fast and being the first on that empty bridge - I found myself overwhelmed with emotion, to my surprise . I look at my husband with tears running down my cheeks and his eyes are all teary too. We cheered and laughed and everyone cheered! There was bands at every corner.

Then, the big crowd came in running and bands were playing songs like “You just keep on running, you gotta keep on running”. It is rare. to be surrounded by so much joy, emotion and love on the streets of Brooklyn on a cold Sunday morning.

Face to face with endurance, perseverence, focus, courage..

I just had to absorb and consider.

I felt so small. And so big at the same time. Screaming encouragements, a woman was saying “it’s not easy Suzan, you’re doing great!” “Wyatt! Woohooo!” “Go Brian!” Lots of the people running had their names on their shirts.

We went for a quick break at the store to get a few things to eat and where I over heard two men, in their fourties. - Maybe young dads, saying: “- Man, I’m crying! It’s so emotional to see them going. It gets me every year. - The older we get, the more sensitive we are.”

(at least it’s not just us, I thought.)

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