They call this place God's Country. It's easy to see why.

January 20th, 2013, 7am

You can go home again.

To a place that looks nothing like the town you grew up in, that feels nothing like the safe hamlet of your youth.


You find yourself standing alone on a cold stretch of beach, observing the stillness.

The sun brightens your eyes, it opens the world, it warms your heart.

You recognize then that you are not alone. There are voices along the wind and, suddenly, everything about those wonder years is laid open before you.

You can go home again, to rediscover a place of innocence and virtue and possibilities, as you stand alone with your memories and nostalgia in the solitude of sunrise.

David Wade, Craig and Cassie said thanks.

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Matthew Nagato

Just a country boy doing my best to save the world.

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