May 13th, 2015, 1pm


Why do Sweetest Dreams has changed to sleepless night.

Why do Lovely Conversation has changed to Terrible Fight.

Why do Beautiful places has Changed to Worst Sight.

Why do People not doing the things That are Right.

Why the Half world has too much to eat, But another Half has to live their life on diet.

Why the Half world is on Plane, But another Half spend their life, flying a Kite.

This all is Feelings of My Heart not one another Poetic Line.

So Let us change ourselves, before something bad happens which brings us the Largest Tide.

There must be a Hope to take over this Darkness, There must be a Light.

Let us give a chance to improve our and Everyone’s Life.


Craig, Harish and Saurov said thanks.

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Mohammed Shahrukh

Engineer, Writer, Poet, Lyricist, Singer, Teacher, Advisor and A Lover.

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