I think alive, when I think Lome

March 21st, 2014, 7am

I think clean ….
When I think about Lome, I think about the streets and how distinct it is from Accra’s ; the narrow streets, un-littered. Pavements putting the streets in two, with 50 - 50 right next to it.

I think 50-50…
When I think about food. It’s good and not good. Food right next to the narrow tarred streets. Cars passing and people walking by - Dust swelling in the air and settling only god knows where - A rare thing in Accra. But it seems to be the thing here. A French thing I presume; A Mediterranean thing. Mediterranean touch everywhere: structure of buildings cold yet alive, old yet new. The food is always tasty. 50 - 50 is the place to experience some of the tasty foods Lome has to offer, while not spending all you have. Salads, and grilled birds, and meat … aroma spices and animal fat oil perceived a mile away. Being pescatarian, I considered the range of food and “boisson” 50 - 50, everything was tasty but also unhealthy… meat and chicken consumed in large amounts … Boisson in large bottles…

I think Alive
A seemingly slumbering city: people gone in search of better opportunities. But those left behind seem to have embraced the current situation. I wake to the smell of rusting paint on the walls, the sea-salt filled breeze, and the chants of people to trying to loose the 5000 calories they consumed last night. Last night the music was ecstatic, you could feel it in your chest. The lights, brilliant not blinding - It puts you in a mood. And the women and men… beautiful and alive. A mile from the party, the city was still awake - 1am - people consuming all sorts of foods, chatting and laughing the night away. People here eat, drink, party, kiss on the streets, cook well and dress up. They are alive in style. All so much alive than I imagined.

The word disparity comes up…
When I think about the social strata. People have high aspirations. They want to become more. They are hopeful. ” The economy is bad o… now all the young boys are into Okada business(motorcycle transportation) … but they have talent o… ; A woman expressing her hope…..

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Samuel Alomenu

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