Meanwhile ... And this is the pre-construction traffic!

October 24th, 2013, 8pm

I keep thinking about ways to better capture the thrill, adventure and agony the current traffic situation in Addis Ababa is.

Bird-eye view photos are hard to come by, unless you start crawling up on construction cranes. The few tall buildings are hard to access (i.e. the Federal Police HQ at Mexico Square, which currently must get fantastic views of the traffic chaos.

I considered getting a dash cam, just to film the chaos and edit together the best moments (i.e. people entering roundabouts without even looking, pedestrians crossing streets without looking … )

It would be great to have all this documented and compare in 10 years, when hopefully the train system is up and running and all the street extensions / ‘smart’ roundabouts have been built. And when people have learned that the ‘highway’ is NOT for pedestrians … or goat herding …

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