I might be too young to experience it, but to understand it, I'm old enough.Past. That's what I'm thinking about lately.

January 31st, 2016, 11pm

Well, most of my judgments are based on books, stories and novels. They might not be real, but the characters are. So here it is on the plate, about what I learnt; We judge people on their past - we decide their present on the basis of their past. Sometimes, it is the right thing to do; but sometimes, it’s not. And I believe we are old enough to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong at the moment. Let’s take it a little further. What if the same old-black-sheep wants to be a better person now. He’s struggling with all his might and main- but, God Damn it! The world wouldn’t let him. Because there is no one to help him or appreciate him or trust him. His world is in ruins. Sometimes, self-satisfaction is not just enough. You need to trust people sometimes. You need to appreciate them, even if its a negligible improvement. Have faith in them and have faith in God. You must believe everything happens for a greater good. You might improve someone’s life; you might even save one. Or you might inspire someone- anyone; someone you are not even aware of. You might shine happiness in their lives that was slowly seeping out. Help people because there is a lots of help needed.

But the sad truth is these moral values do not imply in every situation. And so, I too am on the path of discovering. One day I might find a solution to this problem too :)

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Hamda Anjum

Yes...I'm normal. But sometimes I'm not. And I'm not going to ignore the fact that I do loose control. Yes, I do. Disturbing? I know. But I'm feeling it; the change. A chance to be a better person. And I WILL give it a shot; my BEST shot. So dear future me, here I come!

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