November 3rd, 2014, 11am

When it was time for Taxol to come in (that’s the drug that will be making all my hair fall off, and the first of the hardcore chemicals), I put on music. I chose my Pan Am compilation, and boy did it feel good, what with it’s traveling mood. I was imagining Taxol traveling through my veins, finding its way to my right ovary where my mucinous cystadeno-carcinoma is located, and as the song was changing to a more bluesy, slow tune, I was imagining an attack in slow motion.

So far my body is reacting well to the chemo. No vomiting side effects. Maybe the soundtrack helped…

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Maria Coveou

travel journalist, translator, freelance script supervisor for film & TV, film buff, lover of the written word and of music, blogger, vintage lover, '80s child, occasional flapper, Lindy hopper, traveler, thinker, dreamer, temporary alien []

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