Incongruous yet harmonious.

September 8th, 2013, 7pm

It was 12°C with clouds and visibility OK. There was moderate breeze.

I’ve walked past this building on numerous occasions without giving it a second glance. This particular time it struck me that what I might be looking at was a building from an sci-fi future as imagined by 60s/70s set designers. Concurrently it’s a structure of and not of our times. It fits, but doesn’t fit. Like the neighbourhood I was passing through.

City fringe they call it. State housing and periphery peoples. A woman wearing a hijab was unloading her car. Two men stood underneath a walkway that divided two council apartments - one significantly larger and rounder than the other. A born again church was silent and attended. Half way down an Asian foodstore. A playcentre pushes up against a coffee roastery. At the end of the road, the hippest precinct within the city begins.

A city is not quite like a jigsaw puzzle. On the surface all the pieces only seem to click into place.

Cassie and Paul said thanks.

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Aidan Rasmussen

Lost in a story.

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