Camellia (Tsubaki 椿) Ambassador, Tsubaki Matsuri (椿まつり)

March 23rd, 2014, 2pm

Being in Oshima Islands (Izu Ōshima 伊豆大島)1 in the season of Camellia Festival, surely an amazing moment to count. Seasons and flowers are a blended ingredient of Japanese culture. As a guy from Southern part of Indian subcontinent, this is amazing to find the same way of celebrations 2.

Everywhere some kind representation of Tsubaki is displayed. Here the Ambassador is also wearing a Headscarf with a big Tsubaki printed.

  1. Izu Ōshima (伊豆大島) is a volcanic island in the Izu Island Family. It was the epicenter of the 1923 Kantō earthquake. Oshima is famous for Mount Mihara (三原山, Mihara-san), an active volcano, last erupted in 1986. Island was hit by a Typhoon in 2013. 

  2. Golden Shower (Kanikkonna, കണിക്കൊന്ന, Cassia Fistula) is an important flower for Keralites specially for Traditional New Year (Vishu, വിഷു) celebrations. On Vishu day the first thing we supposed to see is Kanikkonna flowers which is also the official flower of Kerala. 

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