A Tolpuddle sunrise

April 17th, 2015, 7am

Spending a week in this beautiful Dorset village has given me many wonderful memories, one of which is shown in the photograph above. I hope to offer up a few more to my Hi friends over the coming weeks as time allows.

The weather was pretty good all week, so I had a good number of opportunities to photograph sunrises and sunsets, but this one was taken on my last morning and is probably my favourite. The trees beyond the paddock next to the house in which we were staying were full of rooks (not crows as I first thought), so their cries formed a constant backdrop to our stay and I’m sure will forever remind me of this delightful place.

David Wade and Christine said thanks.

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Adrian Tribe

A follower of Jesus Christ, a husband and father, a Kentish Man (not a Man of Kent), a commuter to London

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