Fall in love with the clean and beautiful Melbourne

August 11th, 2015, 10pm

I’m born in Melbourne, I’m living and working in Melbourne, and I suppose I won’t surprise anybody when I say that I love Melbourne (just so we’re clear, I’m talking about the one in Australia).

I can think of dozens of reasons why Melbourne is such a livable city and a great place to visit if you are fond of traveling.

Culture, architecture, history, atmosphere, charm and … the ocean, of course. It sounds a little bit vague, doesn’t it? If you want more detailed and fun presentation of the city’s qualities, check here.

My point was that recently I come across an infographic made by local rubbish removal company. What made me happy and proud was that the presented list puts Melbourne in the top 10 cleanest cities in the world. It’s sixth and number 6 is not bad at all. So here is yet another reason for everyone to fall in love with Melbourne. Who wouldn’t like to live or spend their vacation in one of the cleanest cities.

Cleanest vs Most Polluted Cities in the World

Resources behind the Top 10 are reliable and what I believe is that people in the rubbish business definitely have more information on the matter. But to be perfectly hones, pollution is a big issue here as well. We have clean beaches and dirty beaches. We have clean rivers and dirty rivers. And even if we ­ the Aussies ­ do pretty good job in producing waste and polluting, nature around us is still stunning. However, we try to make amends, cleaning our mess and enjoying our country’s beauties along with the millions of visitors and travelers who visit every year.

I’ve been in Europe. I’ve seen many famous places. It’s great to see London and Paris. There are cities like Venice, Bern, Oslo and Helsinki (the last 3 are in the Top 10 cleanest cities along with Melbourne) and places in Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Greece, etc. that are simply amazing. But home is home. My travels only made me like,no, love our city and our country more. We have it all here. If you are looking for breathtaking beaches and countryside ­ you can find it all over here. If you are looking for social life, fun, and entertainment – again, you are at the right place. If you are looking for relaxing vacation or a honeymoon in a clean and beautiful place ­ here it is!

Fall in love with Melbourne, fall in love with Australia. Once you come here I’m sure you would!

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Debra Higgson

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