China town morning; San Francisco on $5 a day.

October 26th, 2013, 10am

The stench of fish, both dried and fresh. Pushing and elbow thrusts from little old ladies. Endless rows of artisanal ginseng varieties in apothecary-like settings. Stunning architecture. Calls & echoes of nǐ hǎo & xie xie clanging between the delivery trucks and busy market bustle. Laundry-draped balconies. Laughter and a crowd gathers as I once again sample stinky durian. Enough bao & leaf-wrapped sticky rice to feed me all day for only $5.

I’m couch-surfing nearby. Between the dollar store & corner market, I can find enough wine, chocolate & candles for a substantial-looking $10 gift to my host. China town food & a jar of peanut butter will sustain me this week.

Craig, Cassie and Caroline said thanks.

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Lindsay Caron

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