A rare Sunday Afternoon

December 1st, 2013, 4pm

I was having a coffee with someone special at Cafe Crema which is located within Gardens by the Bay, a touristy spot which some said was inspired by the forests in the movie Avatar.

It is truly an amazing place of interest. And you can enjoy the lush greens and have endless strolls depending on which route you take, all for free. There are some thematics indoor “forests” which require you to pay an admission charge but if you are not too fussy, the free exterior gardens are good enough for an afternoon leisurely stroll.

Weather in Singapore is extremely humid which is a downside when it comes to visiting parks or gardens. But there’s plenty of shelters built in place to give you a bit of the shade you need every now and then.

And the reason why it was such a rare Sunday afternoon is because I don’t usually have a reason to hang around outside 2km of my residence on Sunday afternoons, the company is good and the “handcrafted artisanal” coffee at this cafe is surprisingly very good, comparable if not better than the other coffee places I have been to where I thought I had found the best place for coffee.

Wishing there are more rare Sunday afternoons to come…

Peter and Yiling said thanks.

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