View from my deck

October 24th, 2013, 6pm

It was 3°C with few clouds. The breeze was gentle.

I am a BC girl born and raised and I love it there; but the sky in Northern Manitoba can never be compared. In BC we see the beauty of the Mountains and can appreciate the sun setting behind them, but you just get a glimpse. In Manitoba and in the prairies for that matter I have seen amazing things in the sky. From this amazing bright red and orange (the picture doesn’t do it justice) flooding the sky, to the blues and greens of the Northern Lights viewed from my hottub! One of the most amazing memories I have is my very first time driving across the prairies. I was alone in my car on a stretch of highway where you drive straight for hours and nothing seems to change. Dusk was coming on the hot summer day and as I looked through my window watching the road ahead I suddenly became aware of something amazing happening. To the point that it actually made me stop my car and get out on that lonely stretch of highway. When I got out of my car, it was like the earth was dissected in half right where I was. In front of me was an amazing blue sky in a full 180 degrees as far as the eye could see with nothing standing in the way. As I turned, the other 180 degrees was a brilliant red, yellow, orange sunset, literally taking up 180 degrees in view as far as the eye could see….. nothing in the way, anywhere! Just ground meeting the sky, I felt like I was in a dome and it was the most beautiful site I have ever seen!

Mark, Jolene, David Wade and Barb said thanks.

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Kelly Barr

I have been married for 15 years and am the mother of 2 small children. I grew up in BC but now live in Northern Manitoba to fight the winters and the mosquitoes!

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