Everyone has a presence which effects the world. Regardless of what you think you do, other effects result.

March 23rd, 2014, 2pm

Each person has a presence, whether they realize it or not. We have the ability to choose, and act, but regardless of the things we do, it is our presence which has an effect on everything around us. One must realize that the world is effected by them. Each person on this planet effects another in various ways, causing a system of change. On a day to day basis, we do this every day, every hour and every second. It’s you who chooses the leather shoes, which is part of one cow’s life, which a rancher got paid to raise. That cow stomped on the earth, farted into the ozone, ate something which the industrialized system deemed was ok for that animal to eat. There are enough documentaries out there showing us what our industrialized system has done to the world, meanwhile the rest of the world has accepted the indoctrinated industrialized way. Yes we are just one number in a big nation, but we also do have the right to choose things differently. It’s time to wake up and realize your own effect and stop the mindless way to become more conscious. You don’t need mindless TV, mindless holidays, mindless reasons to act mindlessly like the way you think everyone is supposed to act. It’s that mindless way which has got the planet to how it is. There is a time to just stop, take only what you need for you and your family and let everything else go… Life is not a competition and that type of thinking is wasteful.

Anne Marie and David Wade said thanks.

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