around noon along red clay creek

March 31st, 2014, 12pm

around noon along red clay creek, oil on panel, 9 x 12, 2014

sometime around noon along red clay creek in kennett square, and i was struggling to find something to paint. everything, at least to my eyes, did not seem “interesting”. i reminded myself that inspiration does not have to be far from my door step, so i quickly settled on the least “uninteresting” subject and began sketching to see what i am overlooking when i am just looking instead of observing and sketching at the same time. when i began sketching, it seemed like it was going nowhere, and as i persisted, it gradually came into view.

Christine and Sanna said thanks.

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Daniel Chow

a pair of geese flew by ☙ outside my studio window ☙ i'm glad elephants don't fly ☛

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