August is yellow because of her. How can these days be so long? Summer rain petered out leaving dewy gold glittering in the street.

August 27th, 2016, 8pm

I took off my coat & hung it up wondering how long the weather would hold up. “I don’t need this anymore,” I said quietly exiting the amphitheater of her mind & my voice echoed inside. “How would we talk this over?” “How do you silently leave a sermon?” Patient & holy, my love is. Folding hands, is a sign of allegiance. Endless heart drumming is a loving credence. I went outside with you only my mind & time passes only when you are not aware of it. Every moment spent in remembrance of being away from her felt like eternity.

David Wade said thanks.

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Violet Vale

V.V. // Droopy-eyed dreamer & writer creating lines from the low-lit recesses of her imagination.

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